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They are thorough, timely, professional and very pleasant! They are always careful with my home and their work is extremely effective! I’ll gladly recommend this company to anyone in need of their services.

-Natasha Boxton, Fairburn GA

They care about their workers and are thorough with teaching and training their staff... They put pride in their work and will be the only company I let service my home. Very professional, reliable and excellent customer service!! 

-Skyy Indigo Stockbridge GA

Bouldercrest COC Atlanta, GA

Church Building.heic

As one of the leaders at the Church of Christ at Bouldercrest, I want to give my personal observations on Power House Pest Control. The Power House team that services our church is a rare breed in the pest control industry... on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest . I would have to give them an 11. Their quality is off the chart. They have an outstanding staff that is dedicated to the client and very professional in their approach to solving any pest control problem.We cannot give them enough accolades We recommend them at the highest level for the work that they do.

Terry L. Frazier,


Satisfied Customers
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 I have given testimonies of your kindness and thoughtfulness to my church, family and friends!  I am forever and deeply grateful for what your business provided. I continue to pray for all of you and the business.  If I may quote 3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in health, even as your souls prosper!  Sincerely and with agape and brotherly love at its best, GREG of DECATUR GA

Power House Customer Testimonial

Power House  believes in establishing long term relationships with our customers.  We are committed to taking the time necessary to know you, to handle your concerns and to anticipate your future needs.  The power of our business is referals from satisfied customers. Therefore, Power House offers up to $25 cash discount for each referral who gets a termite or pest control service. 


Argentine Ants
Wolf Spider


Swarming Termites
German Cockroach
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                   It's time to exterminate!  What is your pest concern?
  • Customized Treatments


  • Effective Protection


  • Environmentally Friendly & Safe




  • Conventional/Integrated Pest Management


  • Repair  Guarantee


  • Annual Renewals


  • Termite Letters

Trained Technicians



Investigate: to find the heart of your pest concern      


Educate: you, the customer, on how  The Power House process works to treat your property


Eliminate: conditions conducive to pest infestations


Dezman; Kristopher; Destin; Andrea; George

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Serving These Metro Atlanta Counties Since 2002


Do you wield the Power to Eliminate Pests?  We're looking for a qualified Pest Management Professional to join the Power House Team.  Serious inquiries only. Click here to apply.

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