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Argentine Ants 

Info: Argentine ants are the most common ants who infest your home looking for food. This type of ant can have multiple colonies and satellite colonies which lead to thousands of ants potentially being on your property in trees, under leaves, rocks, brush and in between walls in the home. 



How we solve: Power House solves this pest by using a combination of treatments including a crack and crevice treatment on the interior and exterior of the home, wall voids and special formulated granular baits on the exterior to eliminate all nests. If necessary we offer yard sprays for severe infestations.


Fire Ants

Info: Fire Ants are a major nuisance and enemy of lawns in Georgia. Fire ants build mounds by tunneling under the soil while pushing the durt up. Some colonies can produce multiple queens which can lead to multiple mounds on the property.



How we solve: Power House solves this pest by using a specific yard granular bait for fire ants on a regular basis to discourage the fire ants from infesting the lawn.





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